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20 Tips To Sleep Better Every Night And Cure Insomnia

What is the importance of sleep in your life? How many hours do you sleep every night and do you get sound sleep with no disturbance? If so, you are lucky but if you are one of those who hardly sleep properly. If you don’t sleep peacefully and you don’t get enough sleep every night, then this post is for you. I’m sharing few tips today with you that may help you get enough sleep every night and you can sleep peacefully.

The Key To Better Sleep Is With You

That’s right because few tips may work for few while the same don’t work for others. What prevents you from getting proper sleep is known to you only? The key is that you need to experiment and check what your sleep enemies are. Accordingly check which tips and tricks work for you to solve that problem.

Few Tips For Better Sleep

Switch It Off:

The blue light coming from your cell phone, tablet, or anything else have the chance to disturb your sleep. So make sure you turn off your laptop, computer, tablet, cell phone and everything that emerges blue light before going to bed. If you can’t turnoff anything, then at least cover it properly.

Short Naps:

You sleep better in the nights but if you feel sleepy in the day time, prefer taking short naps for not more than 20 minutes and that too not in the evening or later. If you feel sleepy in the afternoon or in the evening then do something that can prevent you from sleeping. Why don’t you talk to someone or do a walk to stay awake?

Keep The Clock Away:

If you are one of those who keep looking at the clock so often in the night time then you also might be getting many thoughts in your mind regarding the next day. This usually happens because you are aware of the time and the remaining number of hours for the sun to rise and then you start planning about the day already. So, to get a better sleep, it’s better to keep that clock away from you and don’t care about what the time is.

A Leg Pillow For Your Back Pain:

If you have back pain even slightly, it can really disturb your sleep. So put a pillow between the legs; this will keep your hips aligned and the stress on your back may reduce.

If you are waking up with stiff neck then this could be your pillow’s fault. Check if your pillow is too thick or too thin for you. It should be in proper size to rest your neck properly. If you sleep on your back, then see if your pillow can support your neck’s curve or not. If you sleep on your side then line you nose with the body properly.

Seal The Mattress:

Sneezing, itching, etc. are possible due to allergies and this can cause lousy shut eye. You are using that mattress since years and so it may has dust mites, molds and other allergy causing factors. So prefer to seal it, box springs and your pillows to prevent such issues. Go for dust proof and air tight covers.

Your bed Is Just to Sleep:

Many people find it comfortable to sit and work on it whether it is browsing internet, doing office work, school work or even watching TV. Your bedroom should be for relaxing only. So, keep all these stuff away from your bedroom especially your bed. Use it just to sleep on but nothing else.

Keep A Routine:

To get proper sleep it is important to make a habit of sleeping and waking up at fixed time. Even if it’s weekend or holiday, sleep and wake up at that same decided time. After you get off your bed in the morning, immediately reach where the light is bright and stay there for at least for 5 minutes; bright light freshens up mind and makes you get ready to start off the day.

Caffeinated Food:

The early morning cup of coffee is quite alright for you but avoid all the caffeinated food and drinks from afternoon onwards since it can affect your sleep greatly later on. Caffeine is known to waken up mind and make it alert but doesn’t help in sleeping.

Work Out:

Regular work out can really help you sleep well but post-workout energizes you and prevent sleep. So make sure you finish your exercise schedule at least 3 – 4 hours before you sleep. If you really need to exercise before going to bed, then do few gentle exercises which doesn’t keep you awake all night.

Dinner Wisely:

Eating heavily in the night can keep awake most of the time. This becomes heavy on the digestive system and your body still works on the food to digest it. So keep your dinner light and sleep an hour after having it letting it to digest properly.

The Drinks:

I’m talking about alcohol; yes, it can make you sleep after drinking it but this is the initial result but later on it’ll only keep you awake more often than making you sleep. Instead of alcoholic drinks, prefer a glass of lukewarm milk since it helps greatly in boosting your sleep.

Check The Time Before You Sip:

When are you sipping that glass of water or any other drink in the night? Before going to bed? Avoid drinking anything from 2 hours before going to bed else you may have to wake up to go to the bathroom and this makes you difficult to go to sleep yet again. If you want to sleep till morning without waking up in between, then make sure not to drink anything 2 hours before bed.

The Lights:

Dim the lights in your bedroom so that your brain can allow the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep. Keep it dim at least for half an hour before going to bed to create a mood to sleep.

The Noise:

The noise coming from traffic, dog barking, or anything else coming from the surroundings of your house can be very disturbing to you. You can’t control the noise coming from outside but at least you can divert yourself from it. Try sounds of air conditioner, fan or any slow paced decent musing app that can calm your mind and relax you. Sleep hearing this kind of sound to get better sleep.

Say No To Tobacco Products:

Just like caffeine, nicotine is a stimulant that keeps you awake. So avoid using tobacco products completely if possible since it’s also known to cause health problems. Your insomnia can really get worse with them.

Bed Is Meant For You Only:

I mean to say that your bed is meant for you and your family but not your pets. Your beloved pet can get you fleas, pollen, dander, fur, etc. on your mattress which can result in allergies. Moreover your pet’s moves can disturb your sleep as well. So, train your pet to sleep on its own bed.


If you have any work or if you are doing any kind of discussion then keep it aside at least 2 hours before you sleep since it can disturb your mind and sleep. If it’s still required to discuss about any issue then just let it go for the night. Instead meditate or listen to a calming music to relax and sleep.

Sleeping Pills Only When Required:

Many get addicted to sleeping pills and they don’t get sleepy till they take it. It can actually affect your quality sleep and give you side effects on long term use. Sleeping pills should only be short term medication. So prefer any natural methods over them mostly and take them only if required.


Aromatherapy works quite well to get you sleep easily. You can use good essential oils to massage your body to get a relaxing sleep. You can also use them as scent for your room. The fragrance can make you feel sleepy.

To The Clinic:

Even if you take all the precautions and have tried all the home remedies, you still are suffering from insomnia for months then you should go to a doctor. If you also have other health issues such as asthma, acid re-flux, depression, etc. then also you should prefer going to doctor.

So these were few tips that can help you sleep better and prevent Insomnia. Other than these you can also try home remedies which can help you sleep well during nights.

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