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Easy And Healthy Meal Ideas For Hostelers

Staying in a hostel is equal to staying in an unknown environment with the unhealthiest food you have ever eaten in life. If you are person from hostel, you would probably understand how difficult it is to get some really lip smacking food. Leaving about tasty food, your body needs healthy and hygienic food. So, here are some easy and healthy meal ideas for hostellers. 

Keep hydrating yourself

  • Always start your day with a glass of water
  • Try to drink water once in two hours that will help you to get hydrated.

Know about the mid day meal

  • Have some handful of nuts with some orange or any other nutritious juice
  • Enjoy some curd with grapes. 
  • Try to munch on strawberries , berries and walnuts
  • Fruits  like banana, apple, pear are always healthy for your health

Know about healthy snacking

  • Sprinkle some dried fruits over chips. Dry fruits should not be salted. 
  • Eat some carrot and cucumber sticks over French fries.
  • Sprinkle some fresh fruits over snacks.

Different ways to avoid hunger pangs

  • You should make sure to you digest enough proteins through all your meals because they digest slowly in the body as the result it stabilizing blood sugar levels. This helps you to stay energized and prevents mood swings.
  • Always start your day with a glass full of water with a perfect balanced breakfast majorly consisting of complex carbs, proteins and some fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits.

Frozen Bananas 

You need to buy some tetra packs of milk that can be stored at hostel because bananas taste better when are ripened enough. Now slice up bananas in circles, dip it in a bowl, filled off sweet cream and freeze it. Bananas should be more in quantity than milk and now you can store this for up to 3 days. You can add chocolate syrup or butterscotch syrup to the top and enjoy the dish. Freezing the banana and milk together helps to enhance the milk, and hence they are tasty and healthy too.  


It totally depends on how to decide about the proportion of milk which depends upon how much creamy you need to porridge to be. If you want the thick porridge, you can limit the amount of liquid you use and continue this doing verse versa. Now stock up some fruit pulp or fresh fruits to top up the porridge and add some salt and turmeric for taste. Finally, sprinkle some pepper when cooking is done.   

Cheese Sandwich 

Simply spread some cheese over a slice of bread and toast it in a toaster. Now add some pepper over cheese and the sandwich you wanted is ready to be eaten. It is more tastier and lighter if added with some tomatoes and lettuce. 

Aloo Bhujiya Sandwich 

You need to lightly toast the bread slices directly on the flame and then spread some ketchup on it. Now sprinkle little amount of aloo bhujiya on both the slices and pack it back with another piece of bread. If needed, add some chopped tomato or onion to the sandwich. 

Maggi Noodles 

You can simply enjoy the maggi noodles just like the way you cook at home. If you don’t have a gas or oven at your hostel, you can simply gather a glass filled with hot water and then put the scrambled maggi on it. Now let the maggi boil and add some masala over it. When hot, add a piece of cheese slice or tomato ketchup to make it some tasty. 

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