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10 Natural Oils With SPF

We Indians are very much worried about skin color. Even though we live in a tropical region, we want to look fair and that is why fairness creams are booming the market here. However protecting skin from harsh sun rays is very essential and so we use sunscreens so frequently; moreover this protects from darkening to some extent as well. Now let’s come to the point. Do you know that getting protection from sun rays naturally is also possible? Did you ever imagine that natural oils we use have SPF in them? If no, then you should check them now.

Carrot Seed Oil: 

Carrot seed oil has SPF 40 in it. This vegetable oil has the highest amount of it among all oils. How much money do you pay to buy a tube of sunscreen with SPF 40? Moreover this oil is rich in antioxidants with antiseptic properties.

Raspberry Seed Oil

Raspberry comes next in the list which has SPF 30 in it. This essential oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It’s known that raspberry essential oil also prevents stretch marks on the skin.

Wheatgerm Oil

Wheatgerm oil is one of the important ingredients we often see in the ingredient lists on cosmetics, don’t we? This too has SPF 20 and is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E which are required to protect skin from sun rays, free radicals and cell repair.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil, well-known beauty oil has SPF 15 which is the minimum number of SPF required to stay protected from sun rays. This oil is also rich in mono-saturated fats which forms a protective layer on the skin and helps in preventing sun damage and tanning.

Soya Bean Oil:

Soya bean oil has SPF 10 which may be lesser than the required amount but this is very good moisturizer which provides good protection from harsh sun rays.

Coconut Oil

Even coconut oil provides sun protection with its SPF 8. This may be lesser than the required amount of SPF but still it can protect skin from sun rays and even cure sun damaged skin with its antibacterial and moisturizing properties. You just need to apply it to your skin and hair regularly.

Olive Oil

Like coconut oil, olive oil too has SPF 8 and is known as one of the heart healthy oils. Though this oil provides limited sun protection, it has great healing properties due to which it can repair damaged cells and help to regenerate.

Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia nut oil has SPF 6; this oil is from Australian continent and so finding it is little difficult but it is rich in phosphorous, potassium and vitamin E. A compound called cinnamic acid is present in this oil which is the reason behind the presence of SPF in it.

Almond Oil

You use almond oil regularly, don’t you? But do you know that it has SPF 5? This may be the lowest and provides very limited sun protection but in terms of nourishment, it’s one of the best oils. It’s very rich in vitamin E which helps to make skin soft and supple. It is a great moisturizer and keeps skin healthy.

Jojoba Oil

Last but not least, Jojoba oil ends this list with SPF 4 in it. It may provide limited protection but has many medicinal properties due to which is can treat dry and damaged skin and hair. The compound called myristic acid in it is the one that provides sun protection to skin and hair with SPF 4.

So, if you are excited knowing about these oils, get your hands on these oils and protect your skin from sun naturally.

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