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Weight Loss 15 Ways To Keep Your Weight Loss On Track This Festive Season

15 Ways To Keep Your Weight Loss On Track This Festive Season

Festive season and holidays encourage so much of love for delicious food which you can’t neglect. This season, all the rituals make you prepare many delicious and mouthwatering food items and I’m sure you use calorie rich ingredients such as ghee and sugar. There’s no doubt that your health and weight loss goals get disturbed with this. Moreover you hardly get time to exercise. In such a situation, what can you do to avoid increasing your weight further and stay on your track. Today, I’m going to give you few tips on how you can celebrate festivals while keeping your weight loss routine stable.

What are those food items you are going to prepare this season?

Definitely these include oils, ghee and sugar which are very rich in calories. Laddus, modak, karanji, etc. are so delicious but can make you fat. Here are few tips which can help you solve this issue.
1. If you are using refined flour or maida, why don’t you use whole grain flour instead? These are healthy for you and your family.
2. We mostly use saturated fats such as vanaspati oil. Prefer using vegetable oils which are poly-saturated or mono-saturated.
3. This season, you use sugar a lot to make desserts. Try replacing refined sugar with honey, jaggery, etc. These are healthy and are also good alternatives to calorie rich sugar.
4. Now coming to the cooking method, avoid deep frying. You can instead opt for baking, steaming, dry roasting, air frying, grilling, etc.
5. Make sure you consume carefully. Check the calories and eat accordingly. Eat foods rich in calories in the first half of the day and control taking calories in the second half of the day.
6. If you are taking many calories, then make sure you eat fiber rich foods as well. Add vegetable salads and fruits to your diet.
7. Drink as much water as possible. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day but do not exceed 4 liters.
8. You should digest food before going to bed. Have your dinner as soon as possible. Never sleep right after dinner. Sleep at least an hour after having your dinner.
9. If you habituated to smoking and drinking alcohol, then quit this right away. It’s not at all recommended.
10. Breakfast is one of the important meals of the day. Make sure it’s heavy. Never skip your breakfast and have it properly satisfying your tummy.
11. If you are going to eat calorie rich food soon, then eat anything healthy beforehand so that you can avoid over eating calorie rich food later.
12. Always keep an eye on what you are eating. Never neglect it.
13. If you need any beverage then opt for non-alcoholic beverages only.
14. Skipping appetizer is highly recommended.

Why Exercising Is Must This Festive Season?

When you are on a proper diet, exercising can be exceptional sometimes but when you are consuming high calorie rich food, it becomes must. So, some exercise can play an important role in those days to burn your fat. It may be difficult to find time in such a busy schedule but remember it’s a must. So, wake up at least 30 minutes earlier and give that time to your body. Make few moves and stay fit. You can go for a walk, skip a rope few times or dance for a while; the choice is yours.

I hope all these tips are helpful. Stay fit this festive season.

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