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Weight Loss Top 10 Superfoods For Weight Loss

Top 10 Superfoods For Weight Loss

We know very well that along with proper exercise and fitness programs, taking proper diet is also important for weight loss. It’s very important to know what you can eat and what you can’t. So here is a list of 10 that top the list of foods which help in weight loss. You should definitely try to include them to your diet.

1. Green Tea

Everyone knows that green tea has so many health benefits. I helps in burning stubborn fat. E Pigallocate chin-3-Gallate (EGCC) is the antioxidant in green tea which burns the fat. This antioxidant reduces fat absorption and keeps the body hydrated reducing appetite. Just 2 cups of green tea on daily basis can give best results.

2. Blueberries

These blue colored tiny blueberries play a major role in weight loss. Antioxidants, soluble fiber and water content in blueberries help in weight loss to a great extent. Fiber and water make you feel full as a result of which you’ll consume less food comparatively; this will keep you full for longer duration. Manganese in these fruits metabolizes carbs, proteins and fats. Blueberries are cholesterol, sodium and fat-free fruits. Blueberries reduce belly fat and the polyphenols in them do this job. They also reduce the risk factors that develop metabolic syndrome. A bowl of these fruits in the form of fruit salad or with yogurt can help you.

3. Falxseeds

Flaxseeds are rich in healthy fat and fiber. Dietary fiber present in high quantity in flaxseeds suppress the appetite. Take 2.5 grams of it daily if you want to suppress your appetite and feel full for longer time. Moreover flaxseeds are rich in omega-3-fatty acids which prevent obesity and reduce inflammation markers like TNF-a, CRP, etc. They also  improve metabolic and lipid profiles and prevent cardiovascular disease. 1 – 2 tbsp of ground seeds added to your diet in any form like juice, cereals, salads, yogurt, etc. are more than enough.

4. Almonds

Fiber, proteins and monosaturated fats present in almonds help in weight loss. This fiber can make you feel full for longer duration and keep you well-nourished. 1.5 ounces of almonds a day for just 4 weeks can show significant results. Vitamin B and zinc also prevent sugar cravings. A handful of dry and roasted or soaked and peeled almonds everyday can keep you healthy.

5. Grapefruit

Half a grapefruit right before meals can reduce weight due to the enzymes present in it. It also improves insulin resistance. The fruit consists of 90% water content due to which it can keep you full. It’s also a pack of vitamins and antioxidants. Half of the fruit early in the morning on empty stomach and the other half before lunch can benefit a lot.

6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal breakfast is one of the best options if you want to lose weight. It contains beta glucan which is a type of soluble fiber which reduces abnormal fat in the blood. This keeps one full for longer time. You can use few berries and almonds as toppings with oatmeal a healthy yet yummy breakfast.

7. Oranges

Oranges are very rich in high fiber and vitamin C which help in weight loss.  To have lower BMI, then you should consider more vitamin C rich food. This vitamin promotes carnitine production in the body as a result of which it reduces fat. One orange a day can keep you slim.

8. Salmon

Salmon boosts body metabolism and burns fat. Good fats and proteins in salmon support weight loss. Rich protein content in it keeps you full for longer time. Salmon consists of vitamin D which should be consumed 2 – 3 servings a week.

9. Avocados

You might be thinking why we’re recommending fat rich avocados. But monosaturated fats in it keeps one full for longer time. Avocados, rich in L-carnitine which is an amino acid metabolizes fat. Soluble and insoluble fiber in avocados are quite effective in weight loss. One-half of a fresh avocado in lunch can reduce your weight by keeping you full and preventing food cravings.Along with managing weight it improves cardiovascular health and blood glucose levels.

10. Dark Chocolate

Yes, chocolates result in weight gain but not dark chocolates. In fact, dark chocolates can help you reduce weight. Antioxidants in it can slim anyone down. It also revives metabolism burning fat. It also reduces the genes expression involved in fatty acid synthesis. It reduces carb and fat absorption and increases satiety.

So, these are those 10 foods you can definitely eat when on diet. Enjoy food while on diet.

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