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Understand What Is Yoga Therapy

You may not get surprised to learn that the practice of Yoga in India about a century ago; but in the ancient times, our ancestors were all in superior position than us in terms of body and mind, don’t you agree? They understood the body functioning well and were well capable of healing with great yoga and mind techniques. But unfortunately the practice of yoga took a quite long break that everyone just forgot about it. The very first institutions were Kaivalyadham Health and Yoga Research center and The Yoga Institute of Santa Cruz.

I’ve done a small research online on this and I’ve learnt few things which I’m going to share here. 

According to late George Feuerstein, “Yoga therapy is of modern coinage and represents a first effort to integrate traditional yogic concepts and techniques with Western medical and psychological knowledge.”

Yoga is the integration of body, mind and spirit to heal a person completely. You can consider it as a replacement to old bad habits with the new good ones.

I’m sure most of you think that yoga is the physical activity you do on the mat but this is not true; it’s beyond that. Yoga teaches us how to live and treat others as well.

As per Judith Hanson Lasater, “the use of the techniques of yoga to create, stimulate, and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.” is yoga therapy.

I believe that a person gets some illness when the aura or energy gets blocked somewhere. There are few ways through which one can remove those blockages with the help of an expert and among these yoga is something everyone can practice easily. 

In the initial days, everyone has thought that these are all illogical theories that believe in some kind of magic but finally science has proved that there exists some energy that connects everyone with this universe.  So, I think whatever our ancestors have told us were all true and should be considered for better lives.

Yoga asanas were designed in such a manner that they can cure most of your problems with practice. Breathing exercises and meditation techniques can relax your stressful mind. If you are working on a tight schedule like me then you can very well understand how much important it is to cure your stress. Yoga asanas can also cure many health issues like joint pain, muscle pain, etc. by increasing your flexibility and stamina.

Flexibility can be achieved easily by the regular practice of yoga; going to gym or other exercises can’t promise to make you flexible like yoga does. Everyone is different from every other person. Your problems are different from mine and you have your own set of health issues. So, yoga routine and asanas should also planned differently.

Explain your mental and physical health issues to your trainer while joining a training institute and ask them to prepare a routine for you. If you don’t have any major issues, then congratulations. But though you’re healthy, maintaining this is equally important; so start practicing early would be beneficial. This is the right time to start practicing yoga to keep yourself healthy always.

Reaching higher levels is little tough and time taking because I saw there are many tough asanas. But if you understand that even basic level of yoga asanas can heal you very well, then you can imagine that higher levels of yoga can take you very higher levels. This can definitely inspire you to keep practicing.

Regular practice as per your yoga routine is very important. And this is usually called as ‘Sadhana’. This is not just a form treatment but you can call it as a lifestyle. Leading a life the yoga way can give you much more than you can imagine. Slowly master the levels of yoga sadhana and lead a happy and healthy life.

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