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8 Silly Thoughts Of Every Beginner Yogi

If you’ve already attended yoga classes before then remember that first day when you might have check listed your essentials like a mat, towel, water bottle, etc. Remember how you felt that day and those random silly thoughts you got. If you’re a beginner then you might get these thoughts too. Check if any of these most common 8 silly thoughts every beginner yogi gets.

1. The Safe Place To Unroll the Mat

You might have planned and arrived early to the class so that you can choose the safest place near the exit or a corner and made sure you maintained a significant distance from your neighbourhood mats. But unfortunately after a while when someone suddenly unwraps his/her mat close to yours, you feel terrified. Obviously you fear of colliding your hands and legs with them while twisting and turning. Now just take a deep breath and relax. You can definitely adjust with them. All you need to do is make them your friends as soon as possible.

2. Does My Pants Look The Same As Hers!

As a beginner when you first time see someone right before you in tight pants doing a pose and when that seems awkward, you definitely start thinking about the same for yourself too. You might also think that you too look so in those pants and someone behind you must be noticing you like you’re noticing the one before you. I’m sure after your first class, you’d have definitely checked yourself in the mirror doing the pose to know how exactly you look.

3. What Is The Yoga Teacher Asking You To Do?

Your first yoga class would have been a challenge for you since you never heard of these poses before and at one sight understanding a pose is also difficult. You might have tried to understand each and every turn and twist she’s trying to explain. However, your teacher definitely isn’t expecting you to do it perfectly either. You just need to be comfortable with your body and do whatever it says.

4. Can’t Afford To Fall

There are poses which require balance. When you’re trying to do a tree pose, you might be trying hard to balance. You definitely don’t want to fall down before everyone but trust me it is quite natural. Losing balance and falling over is OK; no need to feel awkward. However you should keep trying to balance.

5. When Something Distracts

One of the simplest task is pranayama. You just need to breath but when you find a ditracting thing like a hair strand on your mat, dirt on the floor, etc., you get distracted from your task. You still might be doing it but all your concentration is on that particular thing on the mat. So, this is something you need to focus on. Practice more and more to concentrate on your task than such things.

6. You Hate Your Teacher For Doing This To You

While going to the class, you assume coming out all fresh and rejuvenated at the end of the class but unfortunately when your trainer asks you to do a tough job like a plank pose or a squat, then you feel like killing her. You might have heard a lot about the benefits of these poses and I’m sure you’ll later on start loving it as well but till you master the pose, you keep hating your teacher.

7. Oh! I’m So Jealous

It’s been few days or a month since you’ve joined the yoga classes there’s you see this new guy or girl today doing that pose so effortlessly. You’ve put all your efforts to master that and she’s doing it all easy; and you envy her. Remember there should be no place for such type of feelings in a yoga class since this is not a competition. Everyone has their own issues and reasons; you never know them. So, take a chill pill and concentrate on your body.

8. And Finally It Comes

When you’re about to end the class, you wait for that pose you love the most, the Savasana. You love lying on your mat eyes closed and relaxed. Sometime it happens to nod off but that’s totally fine.
So, which of these thoughts did you get?

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