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Yoga 5 Eye Yoga Exercises For Better Eyesight

5 Eye Yoga Exercises For Better Eyesight

You might have heard before that in the ancient days, our ancestors used to see far beyond the sky and unlimited peripheral vision, didn’t you? But in these days because of our lifestyle, we’re getting poor eyesight and becoming incapable of seeing nearby things properly. People used to do eye exercises which improved their eye health tremendously. Today we’re going to talk about few such exercises that’ll definitely improve your eyesight. They’ll also help your avoid eye strain keeping them moist always.

1. Stretching

Whatever type of exercise it may be, we are always advised to start with a warm up, right? This applies to eye exercise as well. So, if you start with an eye warm up, it’ll reduce the risk of any kind of pains or aches while exercising. For this, you’ve to stretch your eye extraocular muscles. Do not move your head and keep it straight all the time.o right

First look straight and then look at your left by just moving your eyeballs and not your head. Wait for 2 seconds and then look at your right. Wait for 2 seconds and then look up and then down waiting for 2 seconds in between.  Make sure you look extreme left to right and up to down. Then move your eyeballs round and round making largest circles as possible. Do this for at least a minute.

2. Flexing

Flexing will improve your eyes flexibility. You can do this one either with your eyes open or closed. Look upwards and rotate your eyeballs in clockwise direction slowly touching the corners of your eyes. Do it for a minute and then repeat the same in anti-clockwise direction.

3. Focus Switching

Eyes change their focus quite often and they become lazy when we depend on our glasses. This eventually leads in weakening of accommodation ability and eye muscles.

For this you need a book with small letters or just consider a newspaper. Hold it as you always do at your reading distance and cover an eye with a hand. In order to avoid fatigue, it’s recommended to keep this eye open. Now check the letter in the book for 2 seconds and then look away towards something 20 feet away. This could be another letter as well. Look at it for 2 seconds and repeat this process for 5 minutes. Now do the same with another eye. You can do this anywhere at anytime. If you’re not carrying any book then you can look at your wristwatch and a wall clock. It’s up to you on what to trace for your exercise.

4. Deep Blink

Deep blink improves the accommodation ability and acuity of distance vision. Collect few large letters and grab a chair. Stick these letter on a blank wall check at which distance these letters look blur to you. Sit on a chair at that distance with closed eyes. Take deep breaths and release them for some time till you relax. Now take a deep breath and hold it clenching your fists and tightening muscles in the entire body for 5 seconds. This includes your head, face, eyes, neck, chest, arms, stomach and legs. Now exhale through mouth releasing your tensions completely opening eyes widely. Look at the letters which may seem clear for some time. Look at them relaxedly till they become all blurred yet again. Repeat this for 5 minutes.

5. Palming

This is a relaxing exercise which helps eyes relax. Get a chair and a table; rub your hands creating some warmth. Close your eyes and cover them with your hands without pressing them. Wait for a minute or as long as you wish.

These are very easy exercises and observe the results. You can do them whenever you want but the best time to do is early in the morning as soon as you wake up.

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