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Fitness,Weight Loss How To Boost Your Immunity Under 15 Seconds?

How To Boost Your Immunity Under 15 Seconds?

By Fitnessvsweightloss.com

I know you are stunned reading the title. Is it really possible to boost your immunity under 15 seconds? What do you think? How can you do that? Everyone is trying hard to improve immunity which is required to protect body from infections and other many diseases. A new research was done recently and today, I’m here to tell you this method. 

Dr. Sergey Bubonvskij, Moscow’s Kinesitherapy specialist, a line of therapeutic treatment of disease by passive and active muscular movements did a great job and presented a method through which immune system can be improved in just a time span of 15 seconds or even less. If you are ready to try this and improve your immune system, then read on and just follow.

The Method:

We usually want to dip our feet in hot water after a tiring day to relax. The pedicure procedure also includes the same step but this one is quite opposite. For this all you need to do is just place your feet in ice cold water instead of hot water after your long and hectic day. Just dip your feet in it for 15 seconds only. Remember to stay away from hot water. Take your feet out of the tub and towel dry them; immediately grab woolen socks and wear them. Do this regularly and you’ll definitely see the results. 

There’s one more thing that may shock you. If you are suffering from cold and cough, then dip your feet in this water every four hours and this will boost your immunity instead of worsening the condition.

What could be the theory behind this concept? Through this cold water therapy your body gets vitality and resilience through controlled stress. This is simple. You are exposing yourself to levels of stress and this strengthens your body naturally; it improves even metabolism, balances blood pressure, reduces pain and improves mood.

There’s one more method through which you can boost your immunity and live longer. This method is by Tibetian doctors and they named it as Elixir of youth. This method should be followed regularly for one month. For this, mix 100g of fresh lemon juice, 200g of raw honey and 50ml of olive oil in a bowl. Make sure you don’t use bottled lemon juice since it contains preservatives. Store this in a bowl in a cool place and take a spoon of it regularly every morning on empty stomach. This has both health and beauty benefits. It works great on liver improving its health, It also improves skin health removing tan and smoothening wrinkles.

But how do these ingredients work on body? Lemon juice is acidic in nature but work as alkaline in the body to balance the pH levels. As you know, olive oil is one of the healthiest oils due to the presence of mono-saturated content in it which is required reduce bad or LDL cholesterol and increase good or HDL cholesterol. This in return reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Honey is very rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are required to protect the body from various types of harmful bacteria and boost body’s immunity. This healthy concoction can really wake up your digestive system in the morning when you take it and activate gastrointestinal tract to absorb all the required nutrients from the food you take; this helps in regulating easy flow of food as well.

So, what do you think of this post? Which one are you going to try?

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