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Yoga Taking Direct Yoga Sessions With A Small Batch Of Students Is Fun

Taking Direct Yoga Sessions With A Small Batch Of Students Is Fun

Those were the days before COVID when we couldn’t even think of online yoga sessions in Zoom or Google Meet. Those were the days when yoga trainer also used to love taking those early morning yoga sessions with a small batch. And now is the day when we come online from home and practice virtually.

No doubt, online sessions has its own benefits. We connect with people from different places all over the world and get to know them as well. However, there’s this disadvantage of being unable to to make students practice closely. Being unable to correct their postures directly is a great disadvantage. Below are some pictures from those days when I too used to take classes offline.

See these lovely ladies practicing early morning sessions on their apartment terrace, isn’t it lovely and refreshing?

By looking at these pictures, don’t you feel you too need this every morning?

The good news is I’m planning this soon. If your apartment families are ready, we can do this together. Fill the form below and connect with me. Let’s meet on your terrace soon.

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