Wellness Program

We do not promote crash diets. Our client’s health is utmost important for us. So, we expect some patience and faith from you.

These programs has steps we follow:

Step – 1:  You have to fill the consultation form for diet consultation.

Step – 2: Session – 1: The consultation part, where we try understand your lifestyle, eating pattern, health concerns, etc. Every person is different and cannot be compared or treated the same way. So, we take our time so that we can provide best solution.

Step – 3: Session – 2: We will explain you our plan built by us.

Step – 4:  We will do follow-ups every week and make sure you are motivated.You will have access to online yoga classes, 5 days a week.

* We also give psychological counselings if necessary based on health condition (depression, stress, anxiety, etc.)Duration: 1 Month, 3 Months or 6 Months

Diet Packages:

1 Month: INR 4000/- INR 3000/-

3 Months: INR 12000/- INR 8000/-

6 Months: INR 24000/- INR 14000/-

12 Months: INR 48000/- INR 25000/-

Psychological Counselling Session: INR 1000/- per 1 hour session