Diet Consultation

We promote only healthy diet and not any fad diet for quick & short-term results. It actually is a time taking process but is worth it.

Get in touch if you:

  • Want to lose weight
  • Want to build muscle
  • Treat health issues like diabetes, thyroidism, PCOS/PCOD, heart disease, high BP, etc.
  • Need pregnancy or lactation diet
  • Want to be healthier and fit.

Consultation Process:

1. Fill the consultation form.

2. Session 1 – To understand your lifestyle, eating habits, health concerns, etc. This can be done over call or in person.

3. Session 2 – We will build a plan for you and explain it. There will be enough options of food items to choose from for variety and flexibility.
We put our efforts into this. So, we expect the same from you. Please be honest with us regarding every detail. We also expect some patience from as we work on it together.

Fees: INR 1000/-

Group Consultations

Once in a while I conduct group consultations. This is suitable if you are looking only for doubt clarification and not diet charts or plans. You join the online meeting with other members and get your doubts clear.

Fill the same consultation form and stay tuned. You’ll receive an email notification about it once I plan it. It’s free as of now.

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