An Interview With Fathima of Nutrimentor

Hello dear reader. Hope you’re doing great and staying safe indoors. Today, I’m here interviewing a fellow dietician, Fathima, the founder of Nutrimentor. She’s an amazing and knowledgeable dietician. She’s actually my senior and has started her start-up in Instagram (@nutrimentor).

Let’s begin with the interview:

Me: Hi Fathima, thank you for accepting my invitation for this interview.

Fathima: You’re welcome and thanks for inviting me.

Me: I’d like to know a little about you, like your studies, qualification, your whereabouts, etc.

Fathima: Yeah, sure. I’ve done bachelors degree in nutrition from a reputed college. While doing so, I also have done diploma for some more practical knowledge. besides that, I’ve done my internship of 3 months in a hospital. And yeah, I’m from Hyderabad.

Me: So, do you serve only Hyderabadis?

Fathima: Nothing like that. My kits are available in Hyderabad only, but I counsel people located anywhere in India.

Me: That’s nice. Today, I’d like us to talk about a common problem – that is related to health problems and diet charts. Many dieticians give same kind of diet to people with same health concern. Do think this is right?

Fathima: As a nutritionist and dietician, I understand very well that every person is different and have different needs when it comes to health. When a person has a certain health issue, it doesn’t mean you can give one remedy to everybody with the same issue. One might have a certain root cause while another have a different root cause. It’s very important to understand the problem and find the root cause before you treat the person. I do the same. I treat from the root cause. I must say, there definitely are dieticians who give same fixed diet everyone – same old printed diet chart to all the diabetics. They have ready charts for each issue – diabetic, renal, etc. etc. That doesn’t make sense. You have to customize the chart after understanding the patient well.

Me: Absolutely, I second you. But, when it comes to weight loss, this is quite common. They sell same course to everyone. I’d like to know your approach to weight loss.

Fathima: People gain weight due to many reasons – it could be genetic, water retention, some kind of disease, autoimmune disease, etc. Without finding the real reason, how can you give a diet chart? Weight gain is just a side effect. If someone has hypothyroidism, I’d rather focus on that instead of weight loss. Once it’s cured, weight loss will automatically happen.

Me: That’s right. Fathima, I saw you have launched some kits. May I know a little about it?

Fathima: Yes, I’ve launched weight loss kits because people usually don’t follow diet charts diligently. They keep saying that they don’t have ingredients or they didn’t find time to get them. So, I planned to deliver these kits to their doorsteps to make things easier for them.

Me: Are all these kit contents same for all or do you customize them?

Fathima: Obviously I customize them. No two baskets are same. When their bodies are different, their baskets need to be different, right?

Me: Absolutely. I must say, that’s an amazing idea. Your clients would have loved these kits.

Fathima: Absolutely. They didn’t had to worry anymore. So, whatever I put in their diet charts, they can find the required ingredients in their baskets I send.

Me: That must be encouraging as well.

Fathima: Yes, they find it motivating too. See, when it comes to weight loss, motivation, staying positive, focussed, dedication, and commitment are very important because it’s a time consuming process. So, I make sure they stay motivated throughout the course.

Me: That’s lovely, Fathima. I’m happy to find someone who actually cares about their patients and works on the root cause of the health problems rather than working on the symptoms directly. I love your ideas and plans you have launched so far. I’d like to thank you so much for sparing some time for this interview.

Fathima: Thank you, Gayatri for inviting me for this interview. I wish you good luck.

Me: Thank you and wish you the same.

Guys, that’s why it’s important to check how your dietician is counselling and treating you before you proceed with the diet blindly. If s/he doesn’t know your problem exactly, then you’re at the wrong place. I suggest you take time and help your dietician understand your health condition properly.

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