Weight Loss Program

Diet is 80% and exercise is 20%. Combine both and you’ll lose weight.

Your weight gain could be due to any reason like hormonal imbalance, genetic, sedentary lifestyle, wrong eating and lifestyle habits, etc.

We neither give numbers nor fake promise. We put things into action directly. Register for weight loss program that includes both diet and workout.

Online Yoga Classes

Morning & Evening Batches Across The World

From beginner’s level to advanced level, from India to the USA, wherever you might be, which level you might be in, we’re here to go online and help you practice yoga daily.

Diet Consultations

Therapeutic, weight loss, and lifestyle and food habits correction

Lifestyle habits and bad eating habits are the root causes of 99% of the diseases. Whether you’re healthy or not, you can always consult to correct and improve your habits and diet for a better future.

Testimonials From Our Beloved Clients

Very nice yoga sessions held everyday with same energy n same passion..thats why I loved it very much. Though it’s combined batch she takes care of each n every member, observing their poses n if they do something wrong, she corrects it immediately. Highly recommended for all…

Archana Kale

Archana Kale

Weight loss yoga & Diet

She is a good yoga instructor. I have recently joined her online classes. She instructed very carefully. I really happy and enjoy her classes. Thank you Gayatri.❤️

Papiya Sarkar

Papiya Sarkar

Weight loss yoga & diet

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